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Wendy Phillips

Wendy began writing at age 11, scribbling wilderness adventure stories in notebooks while hiking in the sagebrush hills around Kamloops, B.C. Most of her jobs have been connected to writing: she has been a journalist, a volunteer teacher in Lesotho, Africa, and a freelance writer in Zimbabwe. She’s also worked as a bookbinder, a publisher’s assistant, a high school English teacher and a librarian. Now she’s a full-time writer, which tops them all. Baggage was inspired by some of the young people she met in Africa, as well as many new Canadian students, who often survived some very tough times to start new lives in Canada. Wendy’s first novel, Fishtailing, is set in the same world as Baggage. It won many awards, including the Governor General’s Literary Award for Children’s Writing and the Moonbeam Spirit Award for Innovative Storytelling. Fishtailing was also nominated for the White Pine award. Wendy now lives on Gabriola Island on the Canadian west coast, writing every day, reading just about anything, and celebrating the joy of words, ocean and music.

Fishtailing (Coteau Books, 2010)
Baggage (Coteau Books, 2019)


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