Cross Ups 02: Anyone’s Game

Annick Press

Sylv Chiang

Sylv Chiang grew up in Toronto. As an only child, she had a lot of quiet time to read. In grade one, she wanted to be an author when she grew up. Besides reading, young Sylv loved playing outside, swimming, and doing gymnastics. As a teenager, she coached gymnastics and worked at a local museum giving tours to school groups. She also did tour guiding for class trips to Montreal and Quebec City. Sylv studied French at the University of Toronto and became a teacher. She has taught French Immersion, Extended French, and Core French in the Toronto District School Board. When her daughters were born, Sylv remembered her childhood dream of becoming an author. She enrolled in a Writing for Children class and soon began her middle grade fiction series, Cross Ups, to appeal to some of her students who were more interested in video games than books. The three books in the Cross Ups series—Tournament Trouble (2018), Anyone’s Game (2018), and Rising Star (Fall 2019)—chronicle the ups and downs of middle school life for a young gaming prodigy named Jaden. Sylv’s favorite part of being an author is when her characters surprise her by doing something she wasn’t expecting. When she’s not writing, you can find Sylv on her yoga mat or at the library helping her daughters discover great books.


Tournament Trouble (Cross Ups, Book 1)
Anyone’s Game (Cross Ups, Book 2)
Rising Star (Cross Ups, Book 3)


Twitter: @SylvChiang

Connie Choi

Connie was born in Ottawa, Ontario, the older of two sisters. As a child, she enjoyed reimagining objects as characters (for example, a sewing machine as a house and colored markers as people), drawing, playing the piano, and caring for turtles. Her favorite subjects were art and music. She later received a BA in Illustration from Sheridan College. When she’s not drawing, Connie can be found knitting, caring for turtles, playing video games, and reading comics. In the future, she would love to create something that is a fusion of comics, games, and all the things she loves.