Extreme Abilities: Amazing Human Feats and the Simple Science Behind Them

Annick Press

Galadriel Watson

As a child, Galadriel Watson planned on being a ballerina. As a teen, she planned on being a fashion designer. As an adult, she ended up being a writer. This is good, since writing is fun! One of her earliest masterpieces—“Amy Goes to the Olympics”—was typed by her grandmother on a manual typewriter, illustrated by Galadriel herself and bound in green construction paper. She likes to think her skills have improved since then. And they should have. She has an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in writing. She has also done lots of other educational stuff. While writing Extreme Abilities (Annick Press), Galadriel became more flexible, started to store short grocery lists in a memory palace in her mind, and dedicated herself to meditation. Her next book (Running Wild, coming from Annick Press in spring 2020) has inspired her to look more closely at how birds fly. She has also filled her brain with other fascinating info while writing over 20 books and dozens of magazine articles for children on subjects as diverse as tigers, explorers, and rock stars. She writes for adults too, plus has published comics internationally. Galadriel lives in an absolutely gorgeous small town in BC.


Annick Press
Running Wild: to be published spring 2020
Extreme Abilities: 2019
Scholastic Canada
Rocks on the Move: 2008
When Earth Shakes: 2008
Weigl Educational Publishers
Avril Lavigne: 2008
Dinosaur Provincial Park: 2008
Mount Kilimanjaro: 2008
Tigers: 2008
Trees: 2008
David Beckham: 2007
Groseilliers and Radisson: 2006
Simon Fraser: 2006
The Interior Plains: 2006
Bushmen of Southern Africa: 2005
Europe: 2005
John Cabot: 2005
The Railway: 2005
Toni Morrison: 2005
Venus and Serena Williams: 2005
Wetlands: 2005
Angel Falls: 2004
Mongols: 2004
The Amazon Rain Forest: 2004
North Dakota: 2002



Facebook: www.facebook.com/authorgaladrielwatson

Cornelia Li

Cornelia Li is an illustrator who likes to infuse colourful, intricate details in her work to create layers of narratives in her art. Her works has been featured in various publications and publishers including Scientific American, The New Yorker, Quarto Publishing, Owlkids, and Annick Press. She is currently based in Toronto with her Cockatoo, Charlie.



Instagram: @cornelia_illo