Forest Friday Connection Links and Recordings

IMPORTANT NOTE: Live virtual author visits are capped at 100 people. If you are unable to join live, we will post the recording link immediately following the visit. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Date Time Author Program Book Title / Connection Link
Jan. 24 11:00-11:45am EST Philippa Dowding SILVER BIRCH FICTION Oculum (Recording)
Jan. 24 12:00-12:45pm EST Susan Nielsen RED MAPLE No Fixed Address (Recording)
Feb. 7 11:00-11:45am EST Sarah Sawler YELLOW CEDAR Be Prepared! The Frankie MacDonald Guide to Life, the Weather, and Everything (Recording)
Feb. 7 12:00-12:45pm EST Ben Philippe WHITE PINE The Field Guide to the North American Teenager (Recording)
Feb. 14 11:00-11:45am EST Kelley Armstrong SILVER BIRCH FICTION A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying (Recording)
Feb. 14 12:00-12:45pm EST Marsha Skrypuch YELLOW CEDAR Too Young to Escape: A Vietnamese Girl Waits to be Reunited with Her Family (Recording)
Feb. 21 11-11:45 & 12-12:45 EST Helaine Becker & Anna Humphrey Various RESCHEDULED TO APRIL DUE TO PROVINCE WIDE STRIKE ACTION
Feb. 28 11:00-11:45am EST Elizabeth MacLeod SILVER BIRCH EXPRESS Meet Tom Longboat: Scholastic Canada Biography (Recording)
Feb. 28 12:00-12:45pm EST Wendy Phillips WHITE PINE Baggage (Recording)
Mar. 6 11:00-11:45am EST Julia Nobel SILVER BIRCH FICTION The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane (Recording)
Mar. 6 12:00-12:45pm EST Tina Athaide SILVER BIRCH FICTION Orange for the Sunsets (Recording)
Mar. 13 11:00-11:45am EST Kristy Woudstra YELLOW CEDAR Highrise: The Towers in the World & The World in the Towers (Recording)
Mar. 13 12:00-12:45pm EST Natasha Deen RED MAPLE In the Key of Nira Ghani (Recording)
Mar. 27 11:00-11:45am EST Laura Weymouth RED MAPLE The Light Between Worlds
Mar. 27 12:00-12:45pm EST Shannon McFerran WHITE PINE Synchro Boy
Apr. 3 12:00-12:45pm EST Serah-Marie McMahon YELLOW CEDAR Killer Style: How Fashion Has Injured, Maimed, and Murdered Through History – PLEASE NOTE: This author visit has been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience. 
Apr. 17 11:00-11:45am EST Josh Greenhut SILVER BIRCH FICTION Winnie’s Great War
Apr. 17 12:00-12:45am EST Anna Humphrey SILVER BIRCH EXPRESS Megabat
Apr. 24 10:00-10:30am EST Helaine Becker BLUE SPRUCE, also nominated
for Silver Birch Express,
Yellow Cedar
Sloth at the Zoom; Counting on Katherine: How Katherine Johnson Saved Apollo 13; Hubots: Real-World Robots Inspired by Humans
Apr. 24 12:00-12:45pm EST Andrew Larsen BLUE SPRUCE Me, Toma and the Concrete Garden
May 8 11:00-11:45am EST Joe Morse SILVER BIRCH EXPRESS Go Show the World: A Celebration of Indigenous Heroes