Hayley Wickenheiser: Amazing Hockey Stories

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Lorna Schultz Nicholson

Lorna Schultz grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario, and as a child loved to read, write and compete in all kinds of sports. She played defence on the St. Catharines girls All-Star hockey team (Go Jaycee Jets!) and was a member of the Canadian National Rowing Team. She is the respected author of many middle grade and YA novels, the Puckster picture book series and several nonfiction books about hockey. Lorna lives in Edmonton, Alberta with her husband, (she’s an Oilers fan!), and her two dogs – a quirky Mexican rescue dog, and a whiny Bichon Shi Tzu!



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D. A. Bishop

David Bishop was born in Montreal and moved to Brampton as a young boy. He spent the majority of his days living in Toronto until he moved to Pickering, Ontario where he currently lives with his family. David attended Sheridan College, the Nova Scotia Colllege of Art and Design, as well as the Ontario College of Art. He takes great joy in, and believes in the power of self-publishing comic books. His publishing history includes art duties on True Patriot Presents – Crude written by Fred Kennedy for Chapterhouse and Morte written by Kevin Joseph and published by Source Point Press. He is also the artist on the Amazing Hockey Stories series written by Lorna S. Nicholson and published by Scholastic Canada. This series covers the stories of Connor McDavid, Hayley Wickenheiser, and, most recently, P.K. Subban.


Amazing Hockey Stories: P. K. Subban (Scholastic / 2019)
Amazing Hockey Stories: Hayley Wickenheiser (Scholastic / 2018)
Of Stone (Self-Published / 2018)
Morte (Source Point Press / 2018)
Amazing Hockey Stories: Connor McDavid (Scholastic / 2017)
True Patriot Presents – Crude (Chapterhouse / 2017)



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