Tundra Books
Anna Humphrey

Anna Humphrey is the author of eight books for young readers, including the Megabat and Clara Humble series. She lives in a big old brick house in Kitchener, Ontario with three cats, two kids, one husband and zero bats… that she knows of. When she’s not working on a new book or writing and editing for not-for-profit groups, you can often find Anna at a dance class or just curled up in her favourite chair reading.

Rhymes with Cupid; Harper Teen; New York, New York; 2011.
Mission (Un)Popular; Disney Hyperion, New York, New York; 2011
Ruby Goldberg’s Bright Idea; Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers; New York, New York; 2014.
Clara Humble and the Not-so-Super Powers; Owl Kids, Toronto, ON; 2016.
Clara Humble Quiz Whiz; Owl Kids; Toronto, ON; 2017.
Clara Humble and the Kitten Caboodle; Owl Kids; Toronto, ON; 2018.
Megabat; Tundra Books; Toronto, ON; 2018.
Megabat and Fancy Cat; Tundra Books; Toronto, ON; 2019.
Instagram: @annakathrynhumphrey
Twitter: @Anna_Humphrey
Kass Reich
Kass Reich was born in Montreal Canada. She works as an artist and educator and has spent a majority of the last decade traveling and living abroad. Kass graduated with a degree in Art Education from Concordia University and shortly after decided to pack up and move to Beijing. While living in China, she worked as an early childhood educator. Working with the little ones inspired her to start making picture books for very young learners. Her first book Hamsters Holding Hands was published by Orca Book Publishers and was inspired by her preschool students. The book would later go on to become a series of four. After her time in Beijing she lived in Hong Kong, London England and Melbourne Australia. In each different city she continued to work as an illustrator while teaching full time. Kass Reich’s work celebrates painterly textures and usually depicts the natural world. Most of her illustrations are created using traditional mediums. She uses gouache paint layered with coloured pencil and adds final touches digitally. In 2017 she illustrated Linda Bailey’s Carson Crosses Canada (published by Tundra Books) which went on to become a Canadian best seller. Since then she has worked with a number of Canada’s top publishers and is currently working on her first book project with an international publisher. Today, Kass is happy to be back in Canada. She spends most days in her studio illustrating with a cup of tea in her hand, and her rescue dog at her feet.
Mireille Messier, Kass Reich (2019) Sergeant Billy, The True Story of the Goat who went to War, Tundra Books
Anna Humphrey, Kass Reich (2019) Megabat and Fancy Cat, Tundra Books
Anna Humphrey, Kass Reich (2018) Megabat, Tundra Books
Sarah Hampson, Kass Reich (2018) Dr. Coo and the Pigeon Protest, Kids Can Press
Linda Bailey, Kass Reich (2017) Carson Crosses Canada, Tundra Books
Kass Reich (2015) Hamsters on the Go, Orca Book Publishers
Kass Reich (2015) Up Hamster Down Hamster, Orca Book Publishers
Kass Reich (2013) This Little Hamster, Orca Book Publishers
Kass Reich  (2012) Hamsters Holding Hands, Orca Book Publishers