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Katherine Farris

Katherine Farris spent most of her working life at Toronto Life Magazine, Greey de Pencier Books and OWL Magazine/Books. Working in both the production and editorial departments, she was fortunate enough to be given a wide range of projects – from books to educational computer games to tv shows to Trivial Pursuit for kids. After leaving OWL, she freelanced, became a shiatsu practitioner and began taking art classes. She also co-instigated the Shirley Brown research chair in Women’s Mental Health and co-wrote, with her business partner Larry Macdonald, Being There: A guide for the companions of people in a mental health crisis. She now devotes her time to painting and practicing the alto sax.


Ask OWL!

I Didn’t Know That!

Would You Believe it?

You Asked (five question an answer books for kids) Greey de Pencier Books/OWL Books

Scenic Rail Guide to Western Canada – Greey de Pencier Books

Scenic Rail Guide to Eastern Canada – Greey de Pencier Books

Exploring Ontario, Key Publishers

Best of Toronto, Key Publishers

Build-a-Land Bird and Build-a-Shore Bird (educational computer games used at the Royal Ontario Museum) (part of the Computers in Education Project of the Ontario Ministry of Education; OWL Magazine

Trivial Pursuit, Young Players’ Edition

Being There: A guide for the companions of people in a mental health crisis


Kit Pearson

Kit Pearson was born in Edmonton, Alberta, in 1947. She worked for ten years as a children’s librarian in Ontario and B.C. and received her M.A. from the Simmons College Centre for the Study of Children’s Literature in Boston. Since 1986 she had written twelve novels, and two picture books. Two of her novels, A HANDFUL OF TIME and AWAKE AND DREAMING, are fantasies; the rest are set in the past from 1812 to 1962. They have been published in Canada in English and French, in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, France, China and Korea. Kit has won seventeen awards for her writing, including the B.C. Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Literary Excellence in 2014. In 2018 Kit was appointed a member of the Order of Canada. Her two latest books are BE MY LOVE, a middle grade novel about a young teen in 1951 realizing she is a lesbian; and THE MAGIC BOAT, a picture book written with her partner Katherine Farris. Kit and Katherine live in Victoria with their two dogs.


The Daring Game  Penguin Books Canada 1986

A Handful of Time Penguin Books Canada 1987

The Sky is Falling Penguin Books Canada 1989

The Singing Basket Groundwood Books 1990

Looking at the Moon Penguin Books Canada 1991

The Lights Go On Again Penguin Books Canada 1993

Awake and Dreaming Penguin Books Canada 1996

This Land (ed.) Penguin Books Canada 1998

Whispers of War Scholastic 2002

A Perfect Gentle Knight Penguin Books Canada 2007

The Whole Truth HarperCollins 2011

And Nothing But the Truth HarperCollins 2012

A Day of Signs and Wonders HarperCollins 2016

Be My Love HarperCollins 2019

The Magic Boat Orca Book Publishers 2019