The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane

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Julia Nobel

Julia Nobel is a teacher from the one part of Canada that gets almost no snow. By the time she was ten, she had a beloved notebook filled with plot ideas for novels and T.V. shows. She cried when she had to get rid of her Babysitters Club books because they wouldn’t fit in the family’s moving truck, and promptly bought them all back in her new city. She studied history and child and youth care in university, and both writing and reading took a backseat. It wasn’t until she was in her late twenties that her obsession with middle grade fiction was reignited. Now she carries another plot-filled notebook with her, although it’s also filled with shopping lists and reminders to feed the cat. Julia has been facilitating workshops and classes with children, teens, and adults since 2002 and loves being in the classroom, whether in person or via video conference. The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane is her debut novel.


The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane
The Secret of White Stone Gate


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