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Festival Rules and Regulations

Festival Management – The Ontario Library Association (OLA) and Harbourfront Centre (HFC) and its authorized representatives are hereinafter referred to as “Festival Management.”

Payments & Refunds – Full payment for Festival space must be made no later than April 15. Festival Management reserves the right to refuse a company/organization entry who has not paid in full by this date. A deposit of a minimum of 50% is due upon acceptance of space.   All applications submitted after April 15 must include payment IN FULL for the space rental charges.

Cancellations made prior to April 14 will receive a refund of payments made, less a 25% cancellation fee. After April 15 the company/organization will forfeit the entire amount of the deposit. After May 1 there are no refunds for space.

In case the Festival shall not be held for any reason whatsoever, then and there upon the rental and lease of space to the exhibitor shall end. In such a case the limit claim for damage and/or compensation by the exhibitor shall be the return of the amount already paid for space for this specific event.

Space Rental – The application for exhibit space, when signed by the exhibiting firm and/or deposit cheque cashed, or credit card processed, by Festival Management, shall constitute a valid contract between the parties. In submitting the space contract, the firm acknowledges their financial responsibility whether they choose to withdraw or cancel their space.

All exhibiting companies/organizations regardless of size or special arrangements with
management must complete an Exhibitor Registration Form.  

Use of Space Restrictions – The space contracted for is to be used solely by the exhibitor whose name appears on the application, as agreed to by both parties, and only products and/or services of the exhibitor may be exhibited. Any promotion of other products or services is strictly prohibited. No exhibit will be permitted which interferes with the exhibits of other exhibitors or obstructs the visibility of other exhibits. Festival Management reserves the right to correct such violations by having the exhibitor alter, remove or rearrange any or all of the display so that it will comply with the regulations or, if the exhibitor is not available, to make such corrections at the exhibitor’s expense. Festival Management reserves the right to restrict exhibits which, because of noise, operation of equipment, creation of safety hazards or any other reason, become objectionable or otherwise distract from neighbouring exhibits. 

No exhibit shall assign, sublet, or share the space allocated with another business or firm unless approval has been obtained in writing from Festival Management.

Installation, Festival hours, & Dismantling – Dates and hours for installation, exhibiting, and dismantling will be specified by Festival Management. Goods being delivered directly to Harbourfront Centre must be received by a representative from Harbourfront Centre staff and be approved with Festival Management ahead of time. Exhibits shall be staffed at all times when the Festival is officially open (9:30am-2:00pm). No exhibitor will be able to commence dismantling any portion of the exhibit whatsoever, to commence packing crates or cartons or to abandon their display prior to the official closing. Failure to comply with the regulation will result in the exhibitor being barred from future Festivals and events sponsored by Festival Management. All exhibits must be removed by 4:00 PM at the end of the Festival day, and all storage and handling charges for failure to remove exhibit material by that time shall be the responsibility of the exhibitor. Festival Management reserves the right to remove any exhibit not removed by the conclusion of the exhibition and charge the expense to the exhibitor.

Damage to Property – Exhibitors are liable for all damage caused by them or their representatives or contractors to the Festival facility, booth equipment, or to other exhibitors’ property and shall indemnify the facility management and Festival Management and/or Official Service Contractor against, and hold them harmless from any complaints, suits, or liabilities resulting from negligence of the exhibitor in connection with the exhibitor’s use of Festival space.  

Care of the Building – Painting, nailing, or drilling of tents, floors, walls, ceilings, or any part of the building is not permitted. Exhibitors laying any floor/wall coverings must use an adhesive that will not damage the floor, wall or tents. No signs or other articles are to be fastened to the ceiling, walls, pipes, or electrical features.

Security – Harbourfront Centre will employ a professional guard service for the duration of the Festival and will take reasonable precautions to safeguard exhibitors’ property. However, Festival Management/Harbourfront Centres assumes no liability for loss or damage, however caused, of goods, exhibits or other materials owned, rented or leased by the exhibitor.

Food and/or Beverages – The preparation and/or serving of food or beverages of any kind without the written permission of Festival Management and/or the facility is prohibited. Exhibitors wishing to serve samples must request in writing to Festival Management and obtain approval before offering any food.  

Liability & Insurance – Neither Festival Management nor any of its officers, directors, employees, or agents, nor the owners, employees or representatives of the exhibit facility will be responsible for any injury or damage that may occur to the exhibitor or the exhibitor’s employees or property from any cause whatsoever prior, during or subsequent to the period covered by the exhibit contract. The exhibitor, on signing this contract, expressly releases the foregoing parties, individuals and firms from, and agrees to indemnify against, any and all claims for such loss, damage or injury. Exhibitors are advised to carry insurance on their exhibits and its contents; however, this will be taken at their own expense.

Entry to the Festival – Festival Management reserves the right to deny admission to any visitor, exhibitor, or exhibitor’s employee. Festival Management reserves the right to final determination of all space assignments in the best interest of the event.

Labour – Exhibitors must observe all contracts in effect between Festival Management, service contractors, Harbourfront Centre, and labour organizations involved.

Selling at the Festival – The only books/products that can be sold on site at the Festival are by the official wholesaler, Tinlids Inc. and the Ontario Library Association unless special permission is granted by Festival Management.  Awareness around new books/products, promotion and signings of Canadian books is permitted, however, sales are not unless they are a nominated title for that year and sold through the official wholesaler on site.

Other Regulations – Any and all other matters not specifically covered by the preceding General Rules and Regulations shall be subject solely to the decision of Festival Management. The Festival Management shall have full power to interpret, amend and enforce these rules and regulations provided, and amendments, when made, are brought to the notice of exhibitors. Each Exhibitor, for themselves, and their employees, agrees to abide by the foregoing Rules and Regulations and by any Amendments or additions thereto in conformance with the preceding sentence.