Nominee Visits - Virtual Events


The Forest of Reading offers author visits programming as part of the registration in the program.  Regularly offered are the following:

  • Forest Friday’s Virtual Author Visits (20-25 visits/per year)
  • White Pine Wednesday’s (5-10 visits/per year)
  • Mercre-LIT Virtual Authors Visits (8-10 visits/per year)
  • Read-Alouds by the picture book authors (8-10 per year)
  • Some events are pre-recorded and some are LIVE
  • And much more…

*Each year over 40 virtual events are offered as part of your low-fee registration.

Here are the details:

WHAT: Nominee visits with a selection of the the current year nominees.

WHEN: Live and Pre-recorded sessions released each week at a set time that will be communicated ahead of time, but live sessions will start at the time on the schedule.

HOW: All live events require registration so we know the size of the audience. All live events will be recorded and put on the website the day after the live recording. All live events are being hosted on Zoom.  All recordings will be available by a YouTube link.

Don’t miss out! Be sure to register for this amazing opportunity.

Here is what is happening for the 2023 year!


PROGRAMLIVE or PRE-RECORDED?Release DateRelease Time
Kallie George – Crimson Twill: Witch in the CitySilver Birch ExpressLIVE on Jan. 12 for Perks Subscribers at 12pm ET13-Jan11:00am ET
Carol Matas – Who’s Looking?: How Animals See the WorldSilver Birch ExpressPre-Recorded13-Jan11:15am ET
Wesley King – Butt Sandwich & TreeSilver Birch FictionLIVE13-Jan12:00pm ET
Eric Walters – Bear in the FamilySilver Birch ExpressPre-Recorded20-Jan11:15am ET
Leisl Adams – Batter RoyaleRed MapleLIVE20-Jan12:00pm ET
Teresa Toten – Eight DaysRed MaplePre-Recorded27-Jan11:15am ET
Meagan Mahoney – Meranda and the Legend of the LakeSilver Birch FictionLIVE27-Jan12:00pm ET
Alma Fullerton – Flipping Forward Twisting BackwardSilver Birch ExpressPre-Recorded03-Feb11:15am ET
Catherine Egan – SneaksSilver Birch FictionPre-Recorded03-Feb12:00pm ET
David A. Robertson – The Stone Child: The Misewa Saga, Book ThreeSilver Birch FictionLIVE 10-Feb1:00pm ET
Chad Lucas – Let the Monster OutRed MaplePre-Recorded10-Feb11:15am ET
Shenaaz Nanji – Alina in a PinchSilver Birch ExpressLIVE10-Feb12:00pm ET
Paul Coccia & Eric Walters – On the LineRed MapleLIVE on Feb. 16 for Perks Subscribers at 12pm ET24-Feb11:00am ET
Greer Stothers – Kaleidoscope of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life: Their colors and patterns explainedSilver Birch ExpressPre-Recorded24-Feb11:15am ET
Kathy Kacer – Under the Iron BridgeRed MapleLIVE24-Feb12:00pm ET
Johnnie Christmas – Swim TeamSilver Birch FictionLIVE on Mar. 2 for Perks Subscribers at 12pm ET03-Mar11:00am ET
Rachel Poliquin – The Strangest Thing in the Sea: And Other Curious Creatures of the DeepSilver Birch ExpressPre-Recorded03-Mar11:15am ET
Kevin Sands – Thieves of Shadow: The Children of The Fox, Book OneRed MapleLIVE03-Mar12:00pm ET
J. Torres – Stealing HomeSilver Birch FictionPre-Recorded10-Mar11:15am ET
Juliana Armstrong – This Is What I’ve Been Told: Mii yi gaa-bi-wiindmaagooyaanSilver Birch ExpressLIVE10-Mar12:00pm ET
Joanne Levy – Sorry For Your LossRed MaplePre-Recorded24-Mar11:15am ET
Rosena Fung – Living with ViolaSilver Birch FictionLIVE24-Mar12:00pm ET
Colleen Nelson – The Undercover Book ListSilver Birch FictionPre-Recorded31-Mar11:15am ET
Meaghan McIssac – The Bear HouseRed MaplePre-Recorded31-Mar11:15am ET
Lori Weber – The Ribbon LeafRed MapleLIVE31-Mar12:00pm ET


PROGRAMLIVE or PRE-RECORDED?Release DateRelease Time
Judy I. Lin – A Magic Steeped in PoisonWhite PineLIVE and posted Feb. 9February 8th12:00pm ET
Nicola Davison – Decoding Dot GreyWhite PinePre-RecordedFebruary 15th12:00pm ET
Jen Ferguson – The Summer of Bitter and SweetWhite PineLIVE and posted Feb. 23February 22nd12:00pm ET
Kate McLaughlin – DaughterWhite PineLIVE on Feb. 23 for Perks Subscribers at 12pm ETMarch 1st12:00pm ET
Christy Goerzen – River MermaidWhite PineLIVE and posted Mar. 9March 8th12:00pm ET
Louisa, Onomé -Twice As PerfectWhite PinePre-RecordedMarch 22nd12:00pm ET
H.N. Khan – Wrong Side of the CourtWhite PineLIVE and posted Mar. 30March 29th12:00pm ET


Kallie George – Crimson Twill: Witch in the CitySilver Birch ExpressLIVE12-Jan12:00pm ET
David A. Robertson – The Stone Child: The Misewa Saga, Book ThreeSilver Birch FictionLIVE10-Feb1:00pm ET
Paul Coccia & Eric Walters – On the LineRed MapleLIVE16-Feb12:00pm ET
Kate McLaughlin – DaughterWhite PineLIVE23-Feb12:00pm ET
Johnnie Christmas – Swim TeamSilver Birch FictionLIVE02-Mar12:00pm ET


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need any special software to participate in the virtual nominee visits?

No. All you need to access is the Internet and log on to the password protected portion of the website to get the link. Ensure that you have a computer that has access to the Internet and working computer speakers. However, it is a good idea to test your internet well ahead of the presentation to make sure that your browser is up to date and that you are able to install any plugins that might be required.  All live sessions will be over Zoom and all recorded links will be from YouTube.

I’m having tech trouble prior or during a virtual visit – can you help me?

If you are having trouble accessing it or having difficulty with sound, please restart your computer. As some are live there is the ability to use the chat function when you are logged on.

I would like a number of classes in my school to attend an upcoming nominee visit, how can I do that?

You may distribute the link to your classrooms as long as your school is registered, however for the live events you must register multiple times based on how many computer connections (eg. if you have 5 classes logging on, please register 5 times).

When can I expect the link for the virtual nominee visit to be sent to me?

The links are made available on the password portion of the site and the recording will be posted there after the event. They are not sent via email.

Can my readers ask questions to the nominee? 

Yes, the readers may ask questions through the chat section and the moderator will ask as many is possible in the time that is scheduled for the live events.  If you readers would like to send questions for authors that are pre-recorded please email them to the Director of the Forest of Reading, Meredith Tutching at

For more information please email