Steering Committee



The Forest of Reading has ten individual steering committees that are tasked with responsibilities once the nominated lists have been confirmed. They are the ambassadors of the Forest and they work closely with the nominated authors, illustrators, and publishers. In most cases, they are also practitioners running the programs.

Note: OLA strives to ensure that its staff, committees, and councils are diverse and inclusive in order to best serve the Ontario library community. There is immense value in bringing together various perspectives and ideas. OLA seeks out participation from members with different library experience; members from all regions of Ontario; Indigenous Peoples; and members with diverse backgrounds including but not limited to age, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, and ability. If you have any questions about getting involved, please contact the OLA staff liaison for the committee/council.


The timeline for the school aged programs varies from the adult programs. Below is the schedule:

  • School-aged programs – September to May
  • Evergreen Program – January to October

2022 Steering Committees

Co-Chairs of the Forest of Reading®

Ruth Gretsinger, District School Board of Niagara
Isabelle Hobbs, Durham District School Board (retired)

Blue Spruce Award Logo

Blue Spruce Award™

Stephanie Lamb (Chair)
To be determined

Silver Birch Express Award Logo

Silver Birch Express Award®

Brenda Reed (Co-Chair)
Kate Tuff (Co-Chair)
To be determined

Silver Birch Fiction Award Logo

Silver Birch Fiction Award®

Lisa Lewis (Co-Chair)
Donna Lynch (Co-Chair)

Yellow Cedar Award Logo

Yellow Cedar Award

Susan Wallwork (Co-Chair)
Amy Mayer (Co-Chair)
To be determined

Red Maple Award Logo

Red Maple Award™

Ashley Pamenter (Co-Chair)
Faith Roebuck Shergold (Co-Chair)
To be determined

White Pine Award Logo

White Pine Award™

Kara Miley (Chair)
To be determined

Le prix Peuplier Award Logo

Le prix Peuplier

Claudine Blanchard, Evy Gambin, Eugenia Doval (Chairs)
To be determined

Le prix Meleze Award Logo

Le prix Mélèze 

Evy Gambin, Claudine Blanchard, Eugenia Doval (Chair)
To be determined

Le prix Tamarac Award Logo

Le prix Tamarac

Eugenia Doval, Claudine Blanchard, Evy Gambin (Chair)
To be determined

Evergreen Award Logo

Evergreen Award™

Erin Kernohan-Berning (Chair)
To be determined