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Forest of Reading Brand


Released September 2019

We are so excited to announce the new brand of the Forest of Reading, including the Festival and the award programs!

We hope with this brand, we can make the Forest of Reading more prominent in libraries, and reinforce the value of Canadian authors and illustrators, books, publishing, libraries and above all, the love of reading.

How we rebranded

This project has been in the works for more than a year, when the Forest of Reading was selected to receive pro bono brand development from the Brandvan Initiative.

Initially, we planned on rebranding the Festival of Trees, but we quickly realized that we needed to overhaul everything under the Forest of Reading.

We want to extend a huge thank you to Brandvan for their incredible work and dedication to the Forest and the Festival.

Why rebrand at all?

For a number of reasons! The Festival of Trees event has grown considerably in the past few years – in 2018, the most number of tickets were sold over five events. As the OLA continues to grow the Festival and its reach, so does our need for sharp, clear branding for it. The marketing we require is leaving the old logo behind. We have simply out-grown the current brand.

We want to attract new registrants, new attendees, new sponsors, new vendors, and media, and a fresh, new look will help build new awareness, professionalism, and interest, as well as value.

We lack a visual identity and branding strategy for the Festival and the Forest. Between the Forest, the Festival and the award programs, there is no clear link connecting all of these sub-brands.

So what’s new?!

We wanted to point out three major changes (other than the look and the colours!)

Yellow Cedar Award: We have consolidated our two school-aged non-fiction programs, the Silver Birch Non-Fiction Award and the Red Maple Non-Fiction Award, into one award program – the Yellow Cedar Award.

Le prix Mélèze: We have renamed Le prix Tamarac Express to Le prix Mélèze to differentiate it from the prix Tamarac program.

Forest of Reading Festival: We have renamed the Festival of Trees to the Forest of Reading Festival. It is a small change, but we hope this will help us expand the Festival even further, while maintain the overarching brand. It also brings the Festival under the Forest of Reading umbrella.

Terms of Use

The Ontario Library Association (OLA) is the owner of the Forest of Reading®. Its programs are registered or trademarked. Only current registrants in the Forest of Reading have permission to use the trademarked names and logos. For further information on terms of use of the Forest of Reading brand, please contact OLA’s Communication department at