The Forest of Reading has an impact on young people, but also on educators, library professionals, authors, illustrators and the publishing sector.  Here is what people have to say about the Forest!

The Forest of Reading is THE most significant force in promoting literature and literacy in the country. I have been part of this program as a writer, a teacher, and as a parent.  I have seen first-hand the impact of the program. Without it, Canadian publishers would be stressed and possibly would have to discontinue publishing, many writers would be forced to give up their careers – with only those with affluence being able to continue or become writers.  Most importantly, this is a driving force in the development of literacy in our entire country.  Children discover books – Canadian books that reflect their homes, their backgrounds, their cultures, and their country – and in doing so become more literate, more aware, more compassionate, and empathetic.  This program doesn’t just create better readers, it fosters the development of better people.

Dr. Eric Walters, multi-award winning author and C.M. (Order of Canada) 

It’s encouraging and motivating as a writer to be recognized on a list such as the Forest. Being listed as a Forest nominee means your chances of being published again increases since book sales increase and publishers take note.

Ruth Ohi, multi-award winning author and illustrator

There’s no better reading program. The selection of books is Canadian top tier. The kid-centered approach to reading, participating, and voting is unique. As an author I’m not sure I’d have a career without the support of this program. That’s true for many of us, I’d wager. Where else are Canadian kids given such positive and wide-ranging introduction to Canadian creators? The answer is “nowhere”. Can’t wait until we can meet in person again, and I can see the passionate readers clutching their beloved CANADIAN books and yelling at us like we’re rock stars.

Kevin Sylvester, multi-award winning author and illustrator

The Forest of Reading is an amazing way to bring together Canadian readers and authors. To have my work not only recognized but celebrated by my home country is an incredible honor. I’m thrilled to be part of a program that encourages Canadian teens to read, as books were such a wonderful escape for me as a kid.

Kate McLaughlin, multi-award winning author

The Forest of Reading is the best program I’ve ever encountered to encourage kids to read quality Canadian books. The exposure for authors / illustrators is phenomenal, and the impact on book sales is unparalleled. I wish every province had a similar program and there was a lot more funding to help get the books into schools and homes.

Jen Gauthier, Greystone Books

As a publisher, we eagerly await news of nominations across the range of categories we publish. We know that being nominated makes our authors and illustrators winners, both through the book orders that bump up sales very nicely and through the exposure our creators get to the next generation of readers.

Judy Brunsek, OwlKids