For an extra $20/year Forest registrants get access to exciting additional perks that you don’t want to miss out on. 

What do you get?

  • Exclusive access to Forest of Reading Festival tickets before the public release date. (value: priceless)
    • OLA members have the first access to Festival tickets ahead of Perks members and then it is open to the public.  Not a member yet?  What are you waiting for? MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION
  • Exclusive access to virtual content available only  to Forest Perks registrants. (value: $500)
  • Access to 15% off at The Library Marketplace on all orders. (value: major savings)
  • Access to virtual content from the previous program year.
  • Access to a community where ideas, pictures and photos are shared amongst Forest Perks registrants.

Additional Perks….

  1. Volunteer opportunities throughout the year to participate on Forest committees and teams and expand your network and professional experiences.

 NOTE: The Perks program is currently only offering content in English

What’s included for 2023?

Kallie George – Crimson Twill: Witch in the CitySilver Birch ExpressLIVE12-Jan12:00pm ET
David A. Robertson – The Stone Child: The Misewa Saga, Book ThreeSilver Birch FictionLIVE10-Feb1:00pm ET
Paul Coccia & Eric Walters – On the LineRed MapleLIVE16-Feb12:00pm ET
Kate McLaughlin – DaughterWhite PineLIVE23-Feb12:00pm ET
Johnnie Christmas – Swim TeamSilver Birch FictionLIVE2-Mar12:00pm ET
The 2022 Author Visit Recording for Forest Friday’s and Mercre-Lit – OVER 30 visits to see!
Access to a Community blog for Perks subscribers to share ideas of how to run your program (Opening in January 2023)