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Apartment 713

Written by Kevin Sylvester
Published by HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.

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Jake Simmons hates his new home.

The Regency is nothing more than floor after floor of peeling wallpaper and faded glory. Jake misses his old life. He misses the time when his mother was employed. He misses living in a house where the wind doesn’t make the windows whistle. Loneliness (and a trail of kittens) leads Jake to the apartment of an elderly lady, then to the bowels of the building and then to a part-time job assisting Larry the custodian. With each passing day, the building reveals more of its mysteries to Jake. The occupants grow on him too.

Unfortunately, Jake’s feeling of belonging is short-lived: the city plans to demolish the Regency. Jake feels powerless. And then fate throws him a curveball. He’s summoned to apartment 713. An apartment he’s been told is off-limits. But when he opens the door . . . he travels to the past!

Alongside Beth, his new friend and guide, Jake begins searching for any clue that might help him save the Regency. As their friendship blooms, the mystery around the building’s makers deepens. The Regency’s own storied past will give Jake the key to saving his own future—if only he knows where to look.


Kevin Sylvester has written and illustrated more than thirty books for kids.
His latest novel is Apartment 713.
His novel, The Fabulous Zed Watson! Co-written with his kid Basil, was nominated for numerous awards, including the TD and the Governor General’s. it’s the story of a non-binary kid who goes on a cross-continental adventure in search of the greatest monster book of all time! It’s on the short-list for the 2021 Governor General’s award.
He also has a new series, The Hockey Super-Six. These highly illustrated books tell the stories of six nerdy kids who get zapped with radiation and turn into super hockey players. Books 1-6 are out now from Scholastic.
His other novels range from science fiction (The MINRs trilogy) to mystery novels (The Neil Flambé Capers), and other super-heroes (Mucus Mayhem).
His picture books include Gargantua (Jr.): Defender of Earth, Super-Duper Monster, GREAT and Splinters.
He also writes and illustrates non-fiction books. There are sports books (Gold Medal for Weird, Basketballogy, Baseballogy) and books on financial literacy (Follow Your Stuff and Follow Your Money.)



Facebook: kevinsylvesterbooks

Instagram: @sylvesterartwork

Twitter / X: @kevinarts


The Fabulous Zed Watson! (With Basil Sylvester)
Night of the Living Zed (out in 2024 – with Basil Sylvester) The MINRs Trilogy
The Neil Flambé Capers
The Hockey Super Six series
The Almost Epic Squad: Mucus Mayhem

Picture Books
Gargantua Jr: Defender of Earth
Super-Duper Monster Viewer

Illustrated by Kevin
Great Too Great Non-Fiction Follow Your Stuff (with Michael Hlinka)
Follow Your Money (with Michael Hlinka)
Game Day
Gold Medal for Weird Sports Hall of Weird
Don’t Touch that Toad