Voting for School-Aged Programs



In 2020, Voting is open from MARCH 13 to JUNE 1, 2020 at 11:59 pm.

Winners will be announced on June 16 at the online Forest of Reading Festival, hosted and streamed by CBC Books!

The Forest of Reading is one of the few programs in Canada that puts the power in the hands of the readers by allowing them to choose the award winners. In the spring of 2020, readers will vote for their favourite nominated titles and choose the winners of the award programs. The winners of 2020 will be announced virtually in June instead of May.

During COVID-19, everyone is at home, so the voting process is a little different than in previous years. Here are the most important things to note for those running the program:

If you would like to run your voting process the same as you have done previously, that is fine – such as through your internal school/library communication tools, setting up your own Google Form to collect your data, etc. You can then enter them as a group as it has been done in the past.

Readers can vote from home using the links below if you would prefer to send the links to the parents through your school communication tools. They just enter their 1 vote only for their choice.

You may have had a set number of readers in your Forest group previously, but in this unusual time, please feel free to promote voting in the Forest to your entire school to participate if they have read the books.

We recognize that access to all of the nominated titles is challenging during the COVID-19 crisis and we want all young readers to feel included. As library professionals, we are leaving it up to you to decide which readers can vote.

Submit the votes electronically any time between March 13 and June 1. (Submit only the totals. We do not require individual ballots or the hardcopy of your Group Vote Summary Form.)


Blue Spruce – NOW CLOSED

Silver Birch Express – NOW CLOSED

Silver Birch Fiction – NOW CLOSED

Yellow Cedar – NOW CLOSED

Red Maple – NOW CLOSED

White Pine – NOW CLOSED

Le prix Peuplier – NOW CLOSED

Le prix Mélèze – NOW CLOSED

Le prix Tamarac – NOW CLOSED

Where Can I Get Voting Materials?

Below you’ll find all of the voting materials by program.

What Are The Requirements for My Readers To Vote?

Each reader must read at least FIVE of the nominated book titles from the program they wish to vote for. These programs include:  Silver Birch Express, Silver Birch Fiction, Yellow Cedar, Red Maple, White Pine, Le prix Mélèze and Le prix Tamarac.

For Blue Spruce and Le prix Peuplier, readers must have or have been read to all TEN of the nominated books.

The OLA does leave it to the discretion of the person running the program to determine eligibility in cases of reluctant readers, those with print disabilities or exceptionalities.

For Evergreen, readers must have read ONE of the nominated books in each program.

What If I Have Questions?

Please email us or give us a call toll-free at 1-866-873-9867.

You can also message us through Facebook or Twitter!

Download Voting Materials

Voting Day Materials

Ballot Box Sign: English | Français

Polling Station Sign: English | Français

Voting Day Sign: English | Français

Silver Birch Express

Silver Birch Fiction